The Akademi was established in the Year 1957 by the Govt. of Rajasthan.The Akademi has played an active role in protecting and developing the classical music, folk dances and fok lore. Thus its last 44 years contribution in the above field has played an important role in the field of cultural developments.

The Akademi has played an equally importantrole in reviving the local festivals, locating the folk musicians and dancers and given them required  protection. Its role in preserving and bringing-in the research aspects in the field of literature is worth placing on record. The Akademi has from time to time organised a number of seminars, workshops and training camps for the up-coming artists. It has also recognized and honoured a number of artists from the area.


The collection of information and literature at the Akademi will go a long way in helping the coming generation in better understanding the field of music and dance. The Akademi has a very. rich collection of 5000 hours taped folk music from the Region. Its efforts to develop documentary films covering the cultural part of the area has   proved to be of a great value. The Akademi has also taken up publication work.

In sum, the team engaged with the Akademi works with a spirit of mission. Its work done so far and the one it will do in time to come will be of immense value, from the socio-cultural point of view.   


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