Is co- ordinating the activities of its affiliated bodies functioning in various parts of Rajasthan
  Is encouraging exchange of ideas and techniques between various parts of Rajasthan in regard to Dance, Drama and Music.
  Is promoting research in the fields of Indian Dance, Drama and Music and publishing literature on Dance, Drama and Music.
  Is co-operating and collaborating with similar institutions for the furtherance of its objects and for the enrichment of the Indian culture as a whole.
  Is encouraging the establishment and development of the theatre centres in Rajasthan.
  Ispromoting the setting up of institutions providing training in the art of theatre including instructions in acting, study of stagecraft and production of plays.
  Promotes education in Dance, Drama and Music.
  Is establishing and maintaining its own model Institution for higher studies and Reasarch work in Dance, Drama & Music.
  Encourages and assists production of new plays by providing grants and training.
  Gives recognition and otherwise assists meritorious work in the field of Dance, Drama and Music.
  Is encouraging the development of amateur, dramatic activities in Children's theatre, open air theatre and folk theatre in its various forms.
  Revives and preserves traditions of folk dance and folk music in Rajasthan.
  Sponsors and encorages Dance, Drama and Music.
  Awards honours and distinctins and gives recognition to the individual artists for outstanding achievments in the fields of Dance, Drama and Music.
  Promotes Cultural exchange in the fields of Dance, Drama and Music with other States.
    New Thrust : Akademi proposes to
  Facilitate scholars both native and foreign to study culture and arts of Rajasthan.
  Encourage research on Rajasthan for university degrees or even otherwise.
  Exchange programmes with other countries with the approval and support of the Government of Rajasthan.
  Develops a script bank for theature practioners.
  Hold workshops, seminars etc. for exchange of ideas.
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